SPD.COM is for sale!

Due to recent increased interest, we have decided to make the spd.com domain name available for sale for a limited time.  We will be accepting offers for the purchase of the domain name under the following conditions:

  1. The domain name will remain available for sale until May 15th, 2015.  If no acceptable offer has been received by that date, the domain will be placed back into our inventory.
  2. The minimum offer that will be considered is $75,000.00 USD.
  3. If we receive a sufficiently compelling offer, we reserve the right to end the sale prior to May 15th, 2015.
  4. The sale will be completed via escrow.com, requiring both parties to be registered there. The buyer will transfer funds via wire transfer in the amount of the agreed upon purchase price to the Escrow.com transaction account. Once funds have been verified, ownership of the domain name will be transferred to the buyer.

If you would like to submit an offer or have any questions about the sale of the domain name, please contact us at domainsale@spd.com.